Responsible Gambling

Responsible GamblingCasinos Online is a supporter and advocate of responsible gambling. We believe that gambling and playing at online casinos is a past time enjoyed by many people.

Although we are only too aware that a small minority can develop a gambling problem.

As a result on our Responsible Gambling page, we provide advice and links to resources which can help you, should you find your gambling is getting out of control.

Set Limits and Stick To Them!

Playing at an online casino is great fun and is enjoyed by a large number of people. If you follow the following guidelines, this will help ensure that you keep control of your gambling:

  • Set weekly deposit limits. All of the online casinos which we endorse throughout the site, allow customers to specify a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. Take advantage of this facility that is available to you.

  • Never chase your losses. If you experience a losing run, do not attempt to chase your losses. Log off the casino and do something else.

  • Before you play, determine an amount you are comfortable with playing with and do not exceed this amount.

  • When cashing out at a casino, request your withdrawal is ‘flushed’. Therefore removing the temptation to ‘reverse’ your withdrawal and continue playing.

  • When you are up, cash out. There is nothing worse than the feeling of playing away a great win that you have managed to accumulate.

How To Identify A Gambling Problem

Below we line out some key points which if you answer with yes, could indicate you have a gambling problem:

  • Do you ever feel the need to be secretive about your gambling?

  • Do you ever lie about how much you gamble?

  • Do you ever have a problem controlling how much you gamble? Are you able to walk away and stop gambling once you have spent your predetermined amount set aside to gamble with?

  • Do you ever gamble when you do not have the funds to do so, instead using monies set aside for other things such as the mortgage, rent and household bills?

  • Do family and/or friends show concern about how often and how much you gamble?

For further information and if you reside in the United Kingdom, please visit the Gamcare website. Gamcare provide help and support for those affected directly and indirectly by problem gambling.

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