Gladiator Slot Machine

The Gladiator Slot Machine may well be over 7 years old now ( The slot that is, not the film! ), but it has to be said that this is by far and above one of our favourite online slots of all time. Indeed playing it now, it still gives us the same sense of thrill and fun, which we experienced the first time we span those  5 reels over 7 years ago.

What is so striking about Gladiator is the sheer quality of the graphics employed, the smoothness of the reels spinning and the possibility of hitting the two features on offer. In a nutshell this is a licensed slot based on the popular Russell Crowe epic of the same name. The one thing funnily enough that is missing, is Crowe himself, presumably due to licensing reasons.

Gladiator is a 25 line slot with two awesome features. The first of these is the the Gladiator Bonus Round, which is triggered by hitting the Gladiator Helmet Wild Symbol on three of the lines. The Gladiator Bonus Round, allows 9 helmets to be picked automatically. Bronze helmets equal your bet size, with silver and gold helmets being greater multiples of your original bet amount.

Gladiator Slot Machine – Screenshots

Gladiator Slot Machine Gladiator In Play Gladiator Pay Table

Gladiator Slot Machine – Features and Slick Game Play

The second feature on offer and one with the potential to give you a superb return, sometimes 100x or more your original bet, is the Colleseum Feature. This is triggered by hitting three or more colleseum scatter symbols. Once hit, you are taken as if marched to an underground dungeon, whereby you have to choose boxes to progress.

This decides, how many free spins you receive, bet multiplier, scatter symbol and wild symbol to be used in the Colleseum Bonus Round.

Invariably you are likely to just receive a number of spins and a bet multiplier, but if you are lucky, you can receive an additional scatter and wild symbols and this is where the funs begins and your bankroll can seriously climb as a result.

Another cool feature employed by Gladiator is the cinematic effects employed. Whereby if you hit a payline of three or more symbols, clips from the film are shown. We really were blown away by this when the slot first launched, as Gladiator was the first such slot to employ these effects.

It is credit to Playtech the developers and Gladiator itself, that two years on, other software companies are only now beginning to catch up in this area.

Gladiator Slot Machine – Freeplay

Gladiator Slot Machine – Summary

Whilst considered as a ‘Golden Oldie’ Slot Machine by some, Gladiator certainly still holds it’s own handsomely. It’s popularity being such, that many dedicated websites have sprung up, based solely on this slot machine, with the site Gladiator Slot being just one example.

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