Land of the Rising Sun

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Japanese online casino, on how it is offering players a truly unique and authentic experience

Online casino players have no end of choice when it comes to the sites they can wager on. From those themed around Las Vegas and Macau, to more novelty sites based on football teams and television shows.

But one theme we have yet to see is Japan, and a casino destination for players who love the Land of the Rising Sun and its rich culture and deep history. That has changed, however, with the launch of

LuckyNiki has been designed and developed by a team of people with years of experience working in Japan, and who are passionate about the country and want to showcase it to the world.

We wanted the site to be instantly recognisable as a Japanese product, so have leaned heavily on manga and anime when it comes to imaging and illustration. Not only does it make LuckyNiki visually striking, but thoroughly authentic.

To ensure our designs are on-point, we have an in-house are director who oversees all creative aspects of the site. This has been extended to developing the back story for our protagonist and host, Niki.

Niki is most players’ first point of contact with our brand, so we wanted them to be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. Niki forms part of our world-class customer service, something which Japan is renowned for.

She also aims to inspire players and pass on some of her good luck; Niki has been playing slots and casino games for years, riding an incredible lucky streak to win big. She now wants to help players do the same.

We have brought Niki to life through the use video; this is another area where we are leading the charge. Video features heavily throughout our site as we believe it is the best way to engage players and transport them to Japan.

From the video at the top of our homepage showcasing the bright lights and vibrant atmosphere of Tokyo, to the more cartoonish short detailing Niki’s back story via Niki herself talking through all the different games we offer, it is a major USP for us.

Another differentiator is the games we offer; we have packed our portfolio with Asian themed slots that again help to transport players to Japan. It includes titles such as Ninja Master, Koi Princess and Fortune girl.

This selection of blockbuster content is boosted by the world-class customer service we offer. The Japanese are passionate about service, and going the extra mile to ensure consumers are happy. LuckyNiki is no different.

Niki is the face of our customer service; she is on hand to offer advice on setting up an account, the games we offer, and how they work. But our support agents are also available via phone, chat or email.

Here at LuckyNiki we know Japan and we know gaming, and we are the first online casino destination that combines to two to offer players a truly unique and authentic wagering experience.

We have brought Japan to life through stunning manga and anime graphics and videos, content and games influenced by the region, and with a Japanese approach to technology and customer service.

It makes for a premium online casino experience, and one that players simple can’t find anywhere else.


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